Head-covering for Religious Women


Mandatory head covering for women is a topic that has been thoroughly debated throughout the history of Judaism. Some rabbis believe that it is an absolute obligation for a woman to cover her hair in public, while others say that it is a standard of modesty defined by the Jewish community only. The decision to cover one’s hair is based on a combination of law and custom, personal choice, and community identification.

Today, many married Orthodox Jewish women still wear tichels, head-scarfs, for traditional modesty. However there are also many women who cover their hair for a different reason; the tichel has been gaining traction among secular Jewish women, as an empowering symbol of their Jewish and feminine identity. This has caused a huge rise in the popularity of head-scarfs and other similar head-coverings.

Now it is easier than ever for women wishing to cover her hair to find a large fashionable selection, whether she is religious or not. There are thousands of video tutorials showcasing the various styling options using a headscarf, and it has become a trendy accessory perfect to complete an outfit.

This has a huge benefit for religious women because a short time ago it would have been a struggle to find a fashionable outfit that meets the religious obligation of modesty, but now that time is rapidly coming to a close. Here on our site, you can find many popular styles of tichels in various colors and patterns; perfect for keeping up with the latest fashion all while remaining in a modest state of dress.

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